Shilton Playing Field

Shilton & Barnacle Parish Council

Shilton Playing Field

Shilton playing fields are provided for the residents of Shilton and Barnacle and visitors to the parish for their general recreational use and enjoyment.

They are not permitted to be used, without the prior written permission from Shilton & Barnacle Parish Council, by any commercial organisation or individual where a fee has been charged for participation in a recreational activity. All users of the playing fields are required to do so in a considerate manner, ensuring that their use does not unreasonably impact or intrude on the enjoyment of other users of the playing fields.

Dog owners are reminded that whilst their dog is not required to be kept on a lead within the confines of the playing fields, they should always ensure that it remains under close control and be prepared to put it on a lead in specific circumstances where its behaviour may adversely impact on other users enjoyment of the facilities. Owners should also ensure that they clean up after their dog to ensure that the plying fields remain in a clean condition for other members of the public.

The parish council’s permission is required in respect of any equipment, such as inflatable slides and other similar equipment, on the playing field or car park. If you wish to use the playing field for any private event, please contact the Clerk to discuss this further.