Council Documents

Shilton & Barnacle Parish Council


Shilton & Barnacle Parish Council is governed by both national legislation that applies to all local councils, and procedures and practices that have been agreed locally by the parish council itself. This page sets out all of the governing documents that the parish council must abide by in discharging its business, and provides the public with reassurance as to its standards of conduct and decision making.

If you have any questions regarding the governance of Shilton & Barnacle Parish Council, please contact the Clerk.

The parish council must ensure that its financial management is adequate and effective, and that its internal control systems properly safeguard public money. Its financial regulations set out the rules and procedures that it will follow so as to ensure this happens.

Standing Orders
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These are the rules that set out the way in which meetings of the parish council are to be run. All meetings must comply with these Standing Orders, and they are referred to in instances when there is uncertainty or dispute as to the proper conduct of any meeting.

The parish council has a Playing Fields Committee that has specific responsibility for managing the playing fields in Wood Lane, Shilton. The ‘terms of reference’ for that committee set out in detail its role and responsibilities.

Code of Conduct
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The parish council has adopted a Code of Conduct that sets out the standard of behaviour that it expects its councillors to meet. All parish councillors have agreed to conduct themselves to these standards.